Dimethocaine Powder


Other names: Larocaine or DMC
HCL IUPAC name: 3-Diethylamino-2,2-dimethyl propyl-4-aminobenzoate CAS No.: 94-15-5 Appearance: white to yellowish crystalline powder Molecular Weight: 278.39 Molecular Formula: C16H26N2O2 Purity: 99%

Dimethocaine UK For Sale

Dimethocaine hydrochloride is the local analog anesthetic and cocaine. Researchers presently classify this Dimethocaine UK for sale as a research chemical. Although users report a milder impact than cocaine, Dimethocaine hydrochloride produces euphoria and a high level of well-being, like other stimulants.

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Dimethocaine is a derivative of cocaine; it does not belong to the mix of organic alkaloids found in coca plants. Dimethocaine is a highly well-known research compound that is mostly utilized as a local anesthetic but also exhibits stimulant properties right away.

Dimethocaine For Sale

Dimethocaine, or Larocaine as it is often known, is a local anesthetic with stimulant qualities. Its activity has roughly one-tenth the potency of cocaine. Order pure Dimethocaine for sale now!

It is well known that those who take the drug Dimethocaine (trip) don’t feel euphoria; instead, they merely feel a modest stimulant impact.


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