About Us

Research Chemical Vendors

RCL is a highly professional and dynamic company with experience in Caluanie Muelear oxidize, SSD chemical solution, red liquid mercury, and chemical and pharmaceutical products.

We are engaged in providing quality chem and other pharmaceutical-grade products to cater to the requirements of our customers regularly. RCL is one of the most trusted research chemical vendors.

Our clients in both domestic and foreign markets have appreciated our flawless services in addressing the needs of the metal, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


What we provide is in vast quantities. Premium quality research chemicals online for study, industrial, and pharmaceutical purposes. You can purchase pure pharmaceutical chemicals from us because we are the leading US provider of research chemicals.

Whatever you need to buy research chemicals, RCL can satisfy your requirements. From individual researchers to large-scale production facilities. RCL offers the amounts and quality that you require. Inability to locate what you’re seeking, leave us an inquiry via email at info@rechemlab.com

We have been able to carve out a niche for ourselves because of our high standards for quality and persistent attempts to keep cordial relationships with our customers. RCL has a skilled and driven crew with a wealth of knowledge in the non-ferrous metal, metal salts, and chemical industries.

To keep large amounts of merchandise, we have warehouses in the USA and Germany. We have the right tools in our warehouses to store valuable, non-valuable, and hazardous materials. All of our facilities are close to transportation hubs and have good connections, allowing for quick movement and prompt freight delivery to our customers (s). Order from one of the top research chemical vendors today!